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Business plan is the foundation of the investor package. However, most entrepreneurs are too busy with other priorities – such as developing products, finding customers, recruiting a team – to prepare a compelling business plan.


Since its incorporation in the year 2015, M Strategy has guided multiple entrepreneurs develop business plans which helped them successfully raise funding, equity as well as debt.

  • Business Plan Preparation

  • Business model design

  • Competitive analysis

  • Business plan makeover

  • Pitch deck development

  • Franchise / Distribution modelling



When it comes to financial forecasting, the most intimidating question for most entrepreneurs is: Where to start?


A financial model simply means a business plan with numbers. From a small brick-and-mortar business to an ultra-high-growth technology venture, every business requires a financial model prepared after due consideration of its specific size and nature. 

  • Financial analysis

  • Equity fund raising strategy

  • Financial risk management

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For doing well, the business should not only produce well, but also sell well. Marketing, sales, business development and expansion are integral to survival and growth of any business. 


We open doors. Through our strong network of institutions, corporations and UHNW individuals spread across business sectors and geographies, we search, shortlist, curate and introduce perfect partners, be it manufacturers, suppliers, distributors or franchise owners.

  • Marketing plan to enter or expand within or outside the country of establishment

  • Screening to find target markets which are most suitable to business culture and product mix

  • Identifying competitors in the region and understanding their distribution channels and pricing strategies

  • Business structuring to optimize global expansion

  • Searching for local agents, distributors and joint venture partners



Fact-based market research has no alternative.



Relying on intuition or experience does not guarantee survival or growth of any business. 



Accurate understanding of market conditions is by far the most critical factor for the success of any business. 

  • Target market identification

  • Industry research

  • Competitive analysis

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For corporate executives, strategic brainstorming is an extremely important, however often neglected function. 


It is always lonely at the top. Every business owner requires a friendly, yet an expert, advisor to introspect past decisions and brainstorm ideas. 

  • Guidance on taking right decisions and actions

  • Ensuring accountability towards business objectives

  • Aligning efforts of various divisions and verticals of business venture

  • Positively debating about dynamic perspectives and strategies around business venture




The equity value of any business depends on two major factors: 

- Future profitability

- Risk associated with such profitability projections. 


Valuation estimate must be accompanied by accurate financial model and reliable forecast. Equity Value should be arrived at by using appropriate methods based on in-depth market research. 

  • Valuation of Start-ups

  • Valuation for the purpose of merger

  • Valuation for the purpose of acquisition

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At some point, every business owner will leave the business, either by exiting completely or transferring ownership to the next generation. Successful business owners meticulously plan for continuity or exit for three to ten years before the actual event happens.


Earlier the planning process starts, higher the likelihood that the objectives of continuity or exit plan will be met within desired timelines.

  • Designing exit objectives

  • Developing systems to function in owner’s absence

  • Maximising cashflow & equity valuation

  • Identifying exit opportunities

  • Succession planning



The M Strategy Team has experience in designing and implementing creative solutions to extract value for their Clients. This division works closely with the other divisions of M Strategy to provide opportunities such as:

  • Turning passive assets into revenue generation assets

  • Building investment strategies which offer high returns whilst still protecting capital

  • Designing innovative solutions which turn problems into opportunities

  • Identifying ways to enhance Shareholder value for transactions or general business operations

  • "Out of the box solutions" to assist in financing the acquisition, expansion or sale of businesses